GEA OMNI改装控制面板用于螺钉和活塞式压缩机

日期: 2018年9月26日

Compressors are considered the heart of industrial refrigeration systems. With its service product, the GEA Omni改造面板, GEA provides state-of-the art technology to keep them up-to-date with a safe, reliable and efficient control unit.

完全标准化,可作为现成的服务产品, GEA Omni改造面板 offers a smart solution for customers to upgrade and modernize the control of their piston and screw compressors – whether they are manufactured by GEA or another supplier. With its high definition, intuitive and multi-touch screen connected to sensors on the compressors, the control panel is especially easy to use. The hardware is designed to allow the connection of different types of compressor sensors, motor current sensors and solenoid coil voltages. By simply connecting GEA Omni改造面板s to an Ethernet network, the use of wireless technology and smartphone or tablet viewing is possible. Authorized service staff and service companies can access the control system remotely and GEA Omni can send email and text message notifications. It is preconfigured in more than 25 languages. For connection to other control systems, GEA Omni改造面板s support Modbus TCP/IP protocols for data exchange. GEA Omni改造面板s are supplied with all items necessary for easy installation and on-site configuration, with minimal downtime. Easy software enhancements via USB are possible and the ability to evaluate system performance further increases the value of the compressor control panels.